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Students should contact their program director to obtain proof of graduation from an accredited program. The CAATE no longer provides certificates for professional programs as verification of graduation from an accredited program, as all candidates for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination must graduate from a CAATE accredited program.  State licensing boards have been notified of this change in certificate issuance and no longer requires a certificate from the CAATE as proof of graduation from an accredited program.

To become an athletic trainer, candidates must graduate with a degree in Athletic Training from an accredited athletic training program and successfully pass the Board of Certification (BOC) exam.  To practice as an athletic trainer in most states, the individual must also be credentialed within the state.  Degrees in physical therapy, exercise science, strength and conditioning or others DO NOT qualify the candidate to sit for the BOC examination.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - General Questions

The CAATE does not track the number of graduates by state. The Board of Certification (BOC) may have the number of ATCs by state.

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Because the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the Athletic Training Educational Competencies are of a higher skill level than first aid or ECC, students do not have to have formal certification in either of those areas. The content must be taught and evaluated, but there is no requirement to have “cards” to document instruction. Documentation might be completed through the curriculum module/matrix and/or in the course syllabi in which the content is taught and evaluated. Please note: Candidates who sit for the BOC exam MUST have documentation of ECC for verification.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - Student Directory

If the student(s) recently applied for a BOC # it may not be available in the eAccreditation system yet to match. We only receive the BOC #’s to be uploaded 5 times per year.

We suggest that students obtain BOC IDs as soon as they are enrolled in the program, but it is not a requirement on the annual report for students who have not graduated.  All students who have graduated and have taken the exam MUST be matched to the BOC ID.

Once you are logged in to eAccreditation, navigate to the ‘Students’ sub-tab. This will bring up all students and will show those students who are not yet matched to their BOC ID. For those students who need to be matched, click on their individual name and their student profile will pop up. You can then click on the ‘BOC Search’ tool, match the student to their BOC ID and click save. This will automatically populate the BOC Pass Rate Table.


Please check and make sure all students who should have graduated (for the appropriate academic year) are marked as ‘graduated’ in their student profile. If a student is still listed as ‘in progress’ mark them as ‘graduated.’

 The undergraduate BOC data would be carried over since it is considered the same accredited program.


With the Mutual Agreement between CATA and BOC, the CAATE does not see an issue with using a preceptor who is CATA Certified. It would be treated like Texas licensure (non-BOC) where they would need a majority of their clinical experience with the BOC-credentialed individual.