The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - 2012 Professional Program Standards

Standard 51 (2012 Professional Program Standards) states that all clinical education sites must be evaluated by the program on an annual and planned basis and the evaluations must serve as part of the program’s comprehensive assessment plan. The Standard does not indicate the types of evaluations that need to be performed. Educationally it may be appropriate to evaluate the site and the surgeon to determine if it is a worthwhile experience for the student.

POST-PROFESSIONAL FAQS - Post Professional Standards

Standard 12 (2014 PP Degree Standards) is referring to the need for the existence of a comprehensive assessment plan, while Standard 14 (2014 PP Degree Standards) is referring to the need for the existence of comprehensive assessment measures and also asks the program to relate the measures back to the plan as well as the Program’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Standard 18 (2014 PP Degree Standards) is referring to the program learning outcomes and the student learning outcomes.  The Program would have identified how they would measure a program outcome or a student learning outcome within their comprehensive plan, and this question is asking the program to explain how those measures were analyzed in relationship to the completion of those objectives.  The upload(s) could be in the form of summary or data sheets demonstrating this.


f withdrawal is voluntary, all aspects of the programs closure plan, including their teach-out plan and staffing levels, must be approved by the Commission.