The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.


Automatic extensions are not granted, however a program can appeal at the point that the CAATE would move to withdraw accreditation. Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Edited 03/16

The program will most likely not hire a faculty member to meet this requirement. A program will continue to submit progress report indicating how the instructional needs of the program are being met.

Program names an interim PD that is not qualified. The Program must submit a Substantive Change for interim PD and follow the Substantive Change process. The program may be placed on probation for not having a qualified Program Director in place. Programs must continue to submit progress reports on how the administrative and instructional needs of the program are being met during voluntary withdrawal.

Voluntary Withdrawal materials must be approved by the CAATE Office. It is recommended that the program submit documentation for Voluntary Withdrawal by June 1. The program could not accept students for that fall.

Is the date based on when they were actually admitted or when they actually begin the professional phase of the program? Students may not be admitted, enrolled, or matriculated into the program after the Voluntary Withdrawal documentation has been approved by the CAATE.

f withdrawal is voluntary, all aspects of the programs closure plan, including their teach-out plan and staffing levels, must be approved by the Commission.

Yes, programs who are not transitioning to the master’s degree must complete Voluntary Withdrawal. Instructions to Voluntary Withdrawal are located on the CAATE Website.