The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - General Questions

The 2012 Standards do not state that students need to have a physical.

Typically the institution will stipulate how many years student records should be kept.  The CAATE doesn’t require a certain time period, although it does state which records must be kept for students within your program (Standards 98-105, 2012 Professional Program Standards).  Programs should keep in mind their specific outcome measures and how those are measured.  For instance, if a program’s plan regarding a specific outcome states a specific timeframe for intended change or measurement, then the program would need to maintain student records for that time period to demonstrate plan effectiveness and outcome monitoring.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - 2012 Professional Program Standards

A sample of the tools would be more appropriate than just one in each category.  No need to include all, but enough to allow the reviewers to evaluate.

The athletic training student must be supervised at all times, therefore, sending the student to perform athletic training services, including application of ice, on a patient would require the presence of an appropriately credentialed preceptor (e.g. licensed athletic trainer).  Failure to assure athletic training students are supervised during all clinical experiences will result in non-compliance.


Please check and make sure all students who should have graduated (for the appropriate academic year) are marked as ‘graduated’ in their student profile. If a student is still listed as ‘in progress’ mark them as ‘graduated.’

POST-PROFESSIONAL FAQS - Post Professional Standards

Standard 18 (2014 PP Degree Standards) is referring to the program learning outcomes and the student learning outcomes.  The Program would have identified how they would measure a program outcome or a student learning outcome within their comprehensive plan, and this question is asking the program to explain how those measures were analyzed in relationship to the completion of those objectives.  The upload(s) could be in the form of summary or data sheets demonstrating this.