2020 CAATE Accreditation Conference


Program Design and Quality: Quality Assurance of the Framework


We are excited to announce the 2020 CAATE Accreditation Conference is going virtual! 



Thank you for your patience while the CAATE vigilantly examined the situation surrounding the 2020 CAATE Accreditation Conference.  The health and safety of our attendees are of utmost importance and it is for that reason that CAATE has transitioned this year’s in-person event to a virtual experience.

The virtual conference will have both asynchronous and synchronous sessions for professional and residency programs that will focus on Program Design, Quality, and Assessment, with specific focus on Standards 1-7 (Professional), Standards 8-19 (Post-Professional), and Standards 14-25 (Residency). 

    • Daily programming 
    • Asynchronous and synchronous sessions
    • Lectures, Learning Labs, & Networking 
    • Concurrent Programming for Professional and Residency Programs
    • Engagement with all presenters and sponsors


Registration, schedules and sponsor information coming soon!