Accreditation Conference Keynote Speaker

Celia R. Hooper will present on Leading Change on Friday morning (October 12, 2018) at the Accreditation Conference in Tampa, FL.   Celia R. Hooper is currently Dean Emeritus, School of Health and Human Sciences at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders.  She received her BA from Wake Forest University, her Masters from UNC  Greensboro, and her Ph.D.  from Case Western Reserve University. She served as dean of a smaller unit at UNCG and a department chair.  8 years ago her then-chancellor announced that her school would close, with others, and a new School of Health and Human Sciences was proposed. It was highly controversial, she led that change as interim dean, then dean, and has scars to prove it. She has worked previously at UNC Chapel Hill, the University of Kansas and Case Western Reserve University.  She is a speech-language pathologist by profession and her research interests have included neurogenic communication disorders, including voice and motor speech disorders, transgender communication during transition, and disorders resulting from stroke, brain injury and irreversible dementias.  She is a Fellow and received Honors of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions.  She has taught students in her discipline, and in allied health, since 1978.  She is currently on the ASAHP Leadership Development team trying to convince others in health professions that being a dean, and leading change, is the most fun job in the world.   She is proud for this audience to know that UNCG had a very successful CAATE accreditation when she was a baby dean!  She has managed 14 professional accreditations in her time as dean.  She is a change junkie and is currently outlining the chapters for her book, to be written in retirement, Academentia:  You can’t make this xxxx up!

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