Accreditation Fees

Application Fee for Programs Interested in Initial Accreditation

Programs interested in starting an Athletic Training Program and applying for accreditation with the CAATE will submit the initial application through eAccreditation. Program Administrators are encouraged to review the Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation document available here. A yearly fee of $1500 allows programs access to eAccreditation for the purposes of entering student cohorts and completing the online evaluations and self-study. It is recommended that programs apply a minimum of one year prior to the start of the self-study.

Application & Access to e-Accreditation Fees

2017-18   $1500

2018-19   $1500

Application for Comprehensive Review and Fees (self-study and site visit for initial or continuing programs)

The initial or continuing Application for Accreditation Services, and the associated Self-Study/Site Visit fee of $5000, made payable to the CAATE, is due in the CAATE Office before the Self-Study is assigned a Site Visit Team.    Once the self-study is submitted to the CAATE through e-Accreditation, an invoice will be generated.  The invoice may be paid with credit card through the secure link on the electronic invoice or may be printed and mailed with a check to the address on the invoice.  No program will be reviewed until the Self-Study/Site Visit Fee is paid.

The Self-Study/Site Visit fee of $5,000 covers the cost of self-study review and all associated site visit expenses.  Accredited Programs that submit a Self-Study and the Self-Study/Site Visit fee are still responsible for submitting the Annual Accreditation Fee.   Programs that are applying for initial accreditation are responsible for paying the annual e-Accreditation access fee of $1500.   Programs will not be invoiced for expenses as has previously been done.  No accreditation action decisions will be given to the institution until all site visit expenses are paid.

Annual Accreditation Fee

An annual accreditation fee is charged to all accredited programs (does not apply to programs who are not yet accredited) to maintain a quality accreditation process. The annual fee is invoiced August 1 of each year and is due upon receipt. Invoices that have not been paid within 60 days after the billing date will be considered past due.

2017-18 Accreditation Year= $3250

2018-19 Accreditation Year= $4500

2019-20 Accreditation Year = $4500


Yes, the CAATE accepts credit cards for program transactions.
Starting with the 2013 – 2014 cycle programs will submit a flat $5,000 fee with their self study. All expenses for the site visit will be covered from these funds. Programs will no longer be invoiced for expenses after a site visit.
Yes, all programs pay the yearly accreditation fee. The self-study site visit fee covers the cost of reviewing the self-study and all related site visit costs, but not the cost of yearly accreditation.