Accumulating ‘Big Data’: Using Programmatic Software to Measure Your Outcomes- Dr. Stephen Straub and Dr. Ken Kosior to present at the Accreditation Conference

Stephen Straub, PhD, ATC

Dr. Straub is currently the Chair of the Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Department at Quinnipiac University where he also serves as the Program Director of the entry-level Athletic Training Education Program. He has spent more than 25 years as an educator, across three professional level Athletic Training Education Programs. Dr. Straub spent two terms on the REF free communication committee and is currently a member of the EATA Research Committee and the CATA Board of Directors.

Ken Kosior, EdD, MPT, ATC

Dr. Kosior is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at Quinnipiac University where he also serves as a clinical coordinator in the Athletic Training Education Program. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and a Masters’ of Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University and his Doctorate in Education with emphasis in teaching and learning theory from University of St. Augustine. His research interests include assessment in health profession education, the role of metacognitive awareness and critical thinking in health profession education, and mind mapping as a pedagogical practice. He also continues to practice as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist working with in an outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine setting.

Accumulating ‘Big Data’: Using Programmatic Software to Measure Your Outcomes

As the landscape of athletic training education changes alongside other health professions, the need for effective documentation of learning outcomes is paramount. Advances in software technology permit a more effective method of data analysis for student and programmatic outcomes. The use of a longitudinal combination rubric allows for improved documentation of learning over time and permits students to see growth curves. The large datasets are not without challenge and require start-up energy but once in place, provide a wealth of information about individual students and programmatic strengths and weaknesses.

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