Annual Report

All accredited Professional, Post-Professional Degree, and Post-Professional Residency Programs must submit their Annual Report by October 1 each year through e-Accred including programs who are completing self-studies or have site visits this year. Annual Reports open annually on June 1 however, programs may update the student, faculty, preceptor, and clinical site profiles at any time. The following checklists and instructional videos will provide assistance in completing this process. Additional questions can be directed to the CAATE office at

Deadline for Analytic PR and Action Plan from Annual Report

Analytic Progress Reports and Action Plans are required for all professional programs who are non-compliant with the 2012 Standard 11 / 2020 Standard 6 which requires a minimum three-year aggregate first-time BOC examination pass rate of 70% or higher.  The submission deadline is June 1.

Annual Report Instructions

For the 2020 Annual Report additional questions have been added and may not be included in the instructional material seen on this page. If you have questions regarding the additional questions please contact the CAATE Office. 

  • Instructions for completing your Annual Report here
  • Annual Report Rejoinder completion instructions here
  • Progress Report completion instructions here

Annual Report Factual Corrections Request Forms