Board of Certification

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For Students in Professional Programs:


Am I Eligible?

In order to attain BOC certification, an individual must complete a Professional level athletic training education program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) and pass the BOC certification exam. Candidates who are enrolled and/or registered in their final semester/quarter prior to graduation are eligible to sit for the BOC exam with confirmation by the recognized Program Director of the CAATE accredited program. If the Program Director of a CAATE accredited athletic training program refuses to confirm eligibility of the student on the exam application to allow a candidate to sit for the BOC exam, the student may mail the BOC an official transcript with degree and date of degree posted in a university sealed envelope and a written request for the BOC to confirm eligibility.

How and when do I create a student profile?

A student in a Professional program is encouraged to register for a BOC profile as soon as they are admitted into their athletic training program, but will need to create a profile before they can register for the exam.  Students should visit the BOC’s website to create their profile.

How do I prepare to take the BOC exam?

The entire professional AT program is designed to prepare students to pass the BOC exam.  Students should first work with their program’s faculty and administrators to plan their preparation for the BOC exam.  The BOC also provides several preparation material options to prospective exam takers.

Once I have passed the exam, does that mean I can practice as an AT in any state?

Almost all states have some form of additional regulation (i.e. licensure, registration, etc.) that the athletic trainer is responsible for obtaining prior to beginning clinical practice in that location.  The Board of Certification provides contact information for all state regulatory agencies, as well as a link to submit a request for certification verification if needed for state regulation.


For Students and Residents in Post-Professional Programs:


Does my coursework in a post-professional program help me maintain my credential?

Coursework in a CAATE accredited athletic training post-professional program can be applied to continuing education (CEU) requirements, including some of the CEU’s required for the Evidence Based Practice Category.  Residents in a CAATE accredited athletic training residency program also earn CEUs, some of which also can apply to the Evidence Based Practice Category.  More details should be reviewed within the certification maintenance requirements page of the BOC’s website.

How can I verify my certification for my post-professional program/employer/state regulatory agency?

BOC certification can be verified in a variety of ways including unofficial electronic, official written and official electronic methods. More information can be accessed here.

How do I know what types of continuing education I need?

There are certain categories in which continuing education is required, but another method by which a newly credentialed professional can determine the areas in which continuing education is needed is by performing a Professional Development Needs Assessment.  There are several different methods of this type of assessment available, and the BOC provides links to these assessments here.