In addition to the members of the Commission and office staff, there are committees, working groups, and site visitors who make recommendations to the Commission. The Commission has final authority and responsibility for all activities and actions of the CAATE. There is a publicly-accessible Policy and Procedure Manual available on the website that fully describes the function of the standing committees, working groups, and site visitors.

Standing Committees

Review Committee-

The Review Committee works with the Site Visit Team to prepare the Site Visit Report. This Committee also reviews the rejoinders and progress reports from the comprehensive review process, and makes recommendations to the Commission regarding accreditation actions as per the operation procedures of the CAATE.

  • Barbara Long, EdD, ATC (Chair)
  • Doug Gregory, MD
  • Dennis Gruber, EdD, ATC
  • Kysha Harriell, MS, ATC
  • Joseph Hart, PhD, ATC
  • Forrest Pecha, MS, ATC, CSCS, OTC
  • William Pitney, EdD, ATC, FNATA
  • Jennifer Doherty-Restrepo, PhD, ATC, LAT
  • Andrew Winterstein, PhD, ATC
  • Tamara McLeod, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Xristos Gaglias, MA, ATC
  • Toni Torres-McGehee, PhD, ATC
  • Eric Lippincott, PT, ATC
  • Valerie Moody, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, WEMT-B
  • Bonnie Van Lunen, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Amanda Benson, PhD, ATC
  • Sarah Manspeaker, PhD, ATC
  • Mark Stutz, PhD, ATC, LAT
  • Cailee Welch, PhD, ATC
  • Ericka Zimmerman, EdD, ATC, CES, PES

Site Visit Committee

The Site Visit Committee develops and monitors quality control mechanisms relative to the site visit process including development of evaluation tools for collecting data relative to the effectiveness of the site visit process.  This committee assists in the training, selection, and evaluation of site visitors and the development and modification of site visit materials.

  • Robin Ploeger, EdD, ATC, LAT (Chair)
  • Carrie Docherty, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Dorice Hankemeier, PhD, ATC
  • Christopher Schmidt, PhD, ATC

Annual Report Committee

The Annual Report Committee is an advisory committee that examines program reported outcomes and assists in the development of the CAATE analytic report.

  • Robert Sipes, EdD, ATC (chair)
  • Dani Moffitt, PhD, ATC
  • Douglas Horton, MS, ATC
  • Lori Greenwood, PhD, ATC
  • Lindsey Eberman, PhD, ATC

Ethics & Professional Standards Committee

The Ethics Committee recommends changes to the CAATE Code of Ethics and reviews complaints regarding ethics/behaviors and acts according to the outlined procedures in the Policy and Procedure Manual.

  • Michael Hudson, PhD, ATC (chair)
  • Matthew Kutz, PhD, MEd, ATC, CSCS
  • Michael Miller, PhD, EdD, ATC, CSCS, FNATA
  • Kimberly S. Peer, EdD, ATC, FNATA
  • Gretchen Schlabach, PhD, ATC

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee reviews the Standards for all program types and recommends changes to the Commission.   In collaboration with the Review Committee , this Committee reviews problematic Standards and takes public comment regarding the Standards.

  • Sara Brown, MS, ATC (chair)
  • Barton Anderson, DHSc, ATC
  • Craig Garrison, PhD, PT, ATC, SCS
  • Chris Ingersoll, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Gail Samdperil, PhD, ATC
  • Luzita Vela, PhD, ATC

Ad-Hoc Committees

Nominating Committee (convened when necessary to fill positions).

The nominating Committee identify qualified candidates for commission openings, reviews the credentials and professional qualifications of candidates and creates a slate for election.   Consists of:

  • A former Commissioner
  • A program director
  • Two current commissioners