Curricular Content development ProcessThe development of the Curricular Content Standards was the work of two compiled groups. The Steering Committee, comprised of two representatives each from the CAATE, BOC, and the NATA, identified the development process as well as the members of the working group.

Steering Committee Table

The Steering Committee and NATA Committee Chairs at the request of the Steering Committee, compiled a list of approximately 70 names spanning various practice settings and geographic areas. The resulting list of names were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest and the remaining list was reviewed (including bios) and ranked by the Steering Committee. Approximately 15 people were selected and contacted regarding interest and availability. The list below, reflects those who were both interested and available. The final working group was comprised of a mix of practicing clinicians from a variety of practice settings and AT educators, from across the country.

Working Group Table

The working group developed the list of needed knowledge and skills for clinical practice, and expanded upon those skills to create initial Standard statements. These statements were then revised and edited by the Steering Committee to result in a draft. The draft will be sent to all stakeholders for public comment (as per CAATE Standard’s approval procedures) for a period of 60 days. Stakeholder feedback is vital to Standard development. Feedback will be categorized and reviewed by both the Commission and the Steering Committee and will be used to help revise and refine the proposed Standards. While all comments and suggestions are welcome, feedback that provides suggestions for change or improvement, or specific comments relative to impact to programs and/or institutions are most helpful and provide the best means for refining the Standards. These Standards are in open comment currently.