The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.


Yes, if the program director feels the program is non-compliant with any of the Standards, the PD should select “No” for the appropriate section. A pop-up window will appear requesting an explanation of a “No” response.

Please refer to the Glossary terms Preceptor and Health Care Professional located in the 2012 Standards.

The directory information (clinical site, faculty, and preceptor profiles) are dynamic and can be updated at all times. Programs are encouraged to put in the most recent training date. The reviewers will not be concerned with the training date occurring within the reporting year.

It is assumed that the CEC and/or PD will evaluate students so it is not necessary for you to list yourself as a preceptor.

Only students enrolled in the program should be included.

With the Mutual Agreement between CATA and BOC, the CAATE does not see an issue with using a preceptor who is CATA Certified. It would be treated like Texas licensure (non-BOC) where they would need a majority of their clinical experience with the BOC-credentialed individual.

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