Important Information Regarding the Application of Standard 11

Standard 11 (the 70% first-time pass rate standard), in effect since 2013, is a method to measure program quality. Three years ago, the CAATE announced that starting in 2016, programs would be placed on Probation if they were not compliant with Standard 11.  In early 2016 the CAATE released its implementation algorithm for taking its first accreditation actions related Standard 11. The full release can be accessed HERE. That algorithm provided information on how a Standard 11 non-compliance would be reviewed and acted upon through the February 2018 Commission meeting.  The algorithm reflected a transitional enforcement strategy for Standard 11 as the Standard could have significant impact on some programs. The transitional approach provided the majority of non-compliant programs with an additional year’s extension of Probation in order to rectify their pass rate.  As programs have now had several years to adjust to the Standard 11 requirements, the transitional approach will come to an end and the Commission will apply the Standard in the same way that other Standards are applied. Beginning in 2019 (for 2016-18 BOC exam results), the Commission will no longer provide a second year of Probation prior to a program receiving a Show Cause action for Standard 11.  The Commission has provided the following review and extended timeline guidance, in the table below, to inform programs and stakeholders of how Standard 11 actions will be administered.

Temporary February 2021 BOC Pass Rate Algorithm

Updated BOC Pass Rate Algorithm (2019)

Analytic Progress Report and Action Plan details

A Show Cause action requires that a program provide evidence as to why the CAATE should not Withdraw accreditation.  Questions about the Show Cause action can be found on page 20 of the CAATE P & P manual available on the CAATE website.  Specific questions may be directed to the CAATE Office at 512-733-9700 or

*Please note this article was included in the 2017 Spring edition of the CAATE Insight Newsletter that was eblasted to all program administrators.