ImagesThere is one week remaining to complete the open comment survey for the proposed curricular content standards. The curricular content revision uses an open process through a collaborative partnership that includes representatives from the NATA, BOC and the CAATE. The curricular content standards are an ongoing work in progress and the draft proposal currently open for public comment was created through the work of volunteer athletic trainers identified as content experts from a variety of practice settings across the country. Public feedback on the proposed standards is a planned and essential part of this open process (more information about the development process).The final version is still under development and we are specifically seeking your assistance to help revise and refine it.

The most effective way for your voice to be heard in this process is to participate in the open comment survey. Each comment is being read and considered in the ongoing revision and refinement of the proposal by the volunteer committee. The Commission asks that you lend your voice to this process and that you encourage your colleagues to do so as well.  In order to further foster feedback and include anyone who wants their voice to be heard, the Commission is extending the open comment period on the curricular content draft proposal through August 15th.  Thank you to all who have provided feedback on this important issue. We will keep you updated as we progress.

Please share this announcement with your colleagues.