Publicly Accessible Documents

recommendationsThe CAATE staff has received several questions regarding requirements for programs that are in a teach out phase for transition of their degree or voluntarily withdrawal. In response to those questions, we would like to offer some clarification.  Programs that are in a teach-out phase are expected to remain in compliance with ALL Standards until the last class has graduated from the undergraduate degree program and/or until the final cohort has graduated from a program that is closing.  This includes the Standards that require the program to provide publicly accessible information on the program’s and/or institution’s website.

The following Standards require that information must remain publicly accessible:

Standard 8: Assessment Measures:  Programs must post the data from Standard 7 on the Program’s home page or a direct link to the data must be on the program’s home web page.

Standard 64: Technical standards required for completion of the program must be clearly defined, published, approved by appropriate institutional representatives and be publicly accessible.

Standard 67: An active communicable and/or infectious disease policy as determined by the institution must be established and made publicly available.

Standard 88: Program Admission, Retention and Advertisement: If the program uses a secondary selective admission process, this must be stated in institution publications. The standards and criteria must be identified and publicly accessible (For this Standard, the program must identify that they are no longer admitting students and must maintain the retention policy information that is relevant to current students within the program).

Standard 90:  All academic tuition, fees, and other required program specific costs incurred by the student must be publicly accessible in official institutional documents.

Standard 93: Athletic training faculty and students must have a clearly written and consistent description of the academic curriculum available to them. This description must include curriculum and course sequence.

Standard 95: The institution must have a published procedure available for processing student and faculty grievances.

Standard 96: Policies and processes for student withdrawal and for refund of tuition and fees must be published in official institutional publications or other announced information sources and made available to applicants.

Standard 97: Policies and procedures governing the award of available funding for scholarships administered by the program must be accessible by eligible students.

In addition, the CAATE is requesting the program clearly state on the program’s home page the accreditation status of the program.

Transitioning Degree Level: “The undergraduate Athletic Training Program at [Name of Institution] is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).  The program is currently applying to the CAATE for a change in level of degree. [Name of Institution] is no longer accepting students into the undergraduate athletic training program. The last undergraduate cohort is expected to graduate in MONTH 20XX.”

Voluntary Withdrawal: “The athletic training program at [Name of Institution) has voluntarily withdrawn their accreditation and is no longer admitting students.  The date of voluntary withdrawal of accreditation coincides with the graduation of the last cohort in MONTH 20XX.

The program that has voluntarily withdrawn accreditation will be asked to complete a final Annual Report following the graduation of the last cohort.  This will allow the program’s data to be included in the CAATE Annual Analytical Report.

Until the teach-out phase of a program is completed, continued compliance with the most recent Standards is expected. Compliance will be assessed annually through the Annual Report process within eAccreditation until the time at which the program has completed either the withdrawal or transition process. Please contact the CAATE Office ( or 512-733-9700) if you have any questions.