Residency and Fellowship Program Development Workshop

Residency and Fellowship Program Development Workshop

Thursday, October 12

Grand Hyatt, Tampa Bay

1-5 pm

The CAATE would like to invite interested participants to a Residency and Fellowship Program Development Workshop.   This workshop is free of charge to any residency or fellowship program administrator or those interested in developing a residency or fellowship program to train future AT specialists.  This will be a unique and intimate opportunity to network with colleagues, openly discuss issues facing AT Residency programs and to collaboratively develop potential solutions to those issues. In addition, the CAATE plans for developing accreditation processes for AT Fellowship programs will be discussed.

Beverages and an afternoon snack will be provided; however, you may want to eat lunch before you come.   This session is intended as a pre-conference workshop with many of the items discussed being followed up with additional sessions during the CAATE Accreditation Conference October 13-15.   Registration for the CAATE Accreditation Conference is available at  Conference registration is not required to attend this pre-conference workshop, however attendees will benefit from many of the sessions at the conference.  To register for the Pre-Conference Residency and Fellowship Program Development Workshop, please email

Agenda for Thursday afternoon is as follows:

1:00 pm Welcome/Introductions
1:15 pm Residency/Fellowship Areas of Focus – a discussion of appropriate focused areas of clinical practice for AT Residencies and Fellowships with Q&A. A specific session regarding focused areas of clinical practice will also be presented during the Accreditation Conference.
2:00 pm Program Outcomes- Program outcomes and assessment strategies are challenging for many program administrators.  This session is designed to walk the attendee through the process of developing meaningful, objective, and measurable outcomes for the program. Examples of appropriate outcomes will be presented.  Individual help on development of program outcomes will be available during the workshop and during the Accreditation Conference.
3:00 pm Residency and Fellowship Programs- Where do we go from here?

  •  A chance to collectively plan the future direction for AT residency and fellowship Programs 
  • Marketing the graduate to the employer, what steps do we need to take?
  • Educating professional AT programs about the value of an accredited residency or fellowship.
4:00 pm Residency and Fellowship Common Application System (CAS)

  •  Demonstration and planning for the AT application.  Program Directors will have input in the development and contents of the main core of the application to be used across all residencies.
4:30 pm Q & A and open forum


Please give the following questions some thoughts prior to the workshop and be prepared to discuss with Commissioners and your colleagues. Please bring additional questions and concerns you may have regarding AT residencies and fellowships or the future of training AT specialists.

  • What value does/would/should CAATE accreditation hold for your residency/fellowship program?
  • How can the Commission work with you to improve that value (for residents/fellows, for program directors, for patients, for sponsoring institutions, for employers)?
  • What about the Commission’s current accreditation processes can be improved to help enhance training AT specialists?
  • What challenges do you face in delivering high quality resident/fellow training?

To register for the Pre-Conference Residency and Fellowship Program Development Workshop, or if you have questions about this workshop,  please email