Residency & Fellowship Standards Open Comment

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) requests your feedback on the initial draft of proposed Residency & Fellowship Standards. These Standards, once revised and adopted, will comprise the new Standards for the Accreditation of Athletic Training Residency & Fellowship Programs (Residency & Fellowship Standards). Please review the following information before beginning the process of providing comment and feedback.

The specific date of implementation will be determined based upon completion of the development of the final draft of the Residency & Fellowship Standards but will not occur before the 2021-2022 academic year. The CAATE established the Residency & Fellowship Committee in 2018 (Table 1) and was charged with the identification, recommendation, and support of residency and fellowship activities. The Committee was also charged with exploring the accreditation and development of Standards for fellowship programs. The primary work of the group includes the evaluation, development, and progression of the Residency & Fellowship Standards Programs to assure appropriate quality in residency and fellowship training programs.

Table 1: CAATE Residency & Fellowship Committee Members

NameUniversity or Organization Affiliation
Hollie Walusz, MA, ATC, PES (Committee Chair)Boston University 
Program Director
Residency Program in Orthopedics & Diagnosis; Neurotrauma & Spine 
Sean Burfeind, MHA, ATCInova Health System
Clinical Athletic Trainer
Jim Reidy, MS, ATC, CSCSSt. Luke’s University Health Network
Program Director
Residency Program in Orthopaedics
Rebecca Bedard, MEd, ATCOrthopedic Care Physician Network, LLC
Clinical Manager
Amy Valasek, MD, MSNationwide Children’s Hospital
Bonnie Van Lunen, PhD, ATC, FNATACAATE Commissioner Liaison
Dean, College of Health Sciences
Old Dominion University 

The language and global framework of these new Residency & Fellowship Standards may look different from both 2014 Residency Standards and 2020 Professional Standards. This was an intentional change as we purposely highlight the differences and uniqueness of residency and fellowship programs in athletic training. Residency and fellowship positions are full time clinical positions with an academic role (didactic and scholarship) that are designed to build upon and expand the athletic trainer’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience acquired during professional education in a specialty or subspecialty area, respectively. As such, the program delivery for residency and fellowship programs have a different intention. Athletic training residents and fellows are already credentialed decision makers who have been practicing within the healthcare system, so the outcomes and assessments within these programs target healthcare providers advancing clinical practice and content expertise. The committee reviewed similarly aligned programs across other healthcare professions to determine minimum programmatic requirements as it relates to program delivery.  

Stakeholder feedback is vital to Standards development. The Commission and the Residency & Fellowship Committee encourages all stakeholders to participate in this process. Feedback will be categorized and reviewed by both the Commission and the Residency & Fellowship Committee and will be used to help revise and refine the proposed Residency & Fellowship Standards. In some cases, you will see requests for specific input. While all comments and suggestions are welcome, feedback that provides suggestions for change or improvement, or specific comments relative to impact to programs and/or organizations are most helpful and provide the best means for refining the Residency & Fellowship Standards.

Invitation to Participate

The Commission invites open comment from all program stakeholders, and specifically encourages program directors to forward this communication to program faculty, administrators, and preceptors for their feedback. Below you can access the proposed Residency & Fellowship Standards for your comments and you can click HERE to access a complete document with all Residency & Fellowship Standards for pre-review prior to completing your comment. Additionally, a Standards Crosswalk between the initial draft of proposed Residency & Fellowship Standards and the 2014 Residency Standards can be found HERE.

The open comment links will remain open until August 1, 2020.

Click HERE to comment on the Standards for the Accreditation of Athletic Training Residency & Fellowship Programs.