Dale West
Executive Director
512-733-9700 ext 700
Ashley Ahearn, MS, ATC
Associate Director of Accreditation
512-733-9700 ext 702
Contact Ashley with questions about Professional and Residency/Fellowship Program Accreditation, Pursuing Accreditation, and Standards.
Todd Neuharth, MA, ATC, CPH
Director of Accreditation
512-733-9700 ext 705
Contact Todd with questions about Professional Program Accreditation, Peer Review, and Standards.
Maeceon Lewis
Accreditation Coordinator
512-733-9700 ext 703
Contact Maeceon with questions about accreditation, Peer Review Committee, and Review Committee.
Buffie Winfrey
Accreditation and Operations Coordinator
512-733-9700 ext 701
Contact Buffie with questions about accounting, finance, meetings and events.
John Curle
Finance Manager
Nicole Verrone
Education Coordinator
Katie Karmowski
Events Manager
Kevin Hurley
Marketing Director
Jayne Kramer
Communications Manager
Alexa Schlosser
Editorial Manager
Kelly Bache
Senior Manager, Accounting and Finance

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