Standards Citations That May Result in Immediate Probationary Action

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) would like all program administrators to be reminded that there are Standards, (if cited as non-compliant) that may result in the program being placed immediately on Probation. In many instances following a non-compliant citation, a program has the opportunity to respond, within 90 days, in a rejoinder or progress report. In instances when discriminatory or unethical educational practices are suspected, student health and safety is jeopardized, or required content/experiences necessary for a student to be able to provide safe patient care upon graduation is omitted from a program’s delivery, the CAATE may immediately place the program on Probation.

If the recommendation of the CAATE is Probation, then the sponsoring institution is provided the opportunity to request reconsideration within 15 days of notification, or to accept probationary action and subsequently demonstrate compliance with the designated Standard(s) within a specified time.

This announcement does not mark a change in policy or procedure, but a continued commitment from the CAATE to protect students and the public while maintaining transparency with our stakeholders. Program administrators are encouraged to regularly review the accreditation actions within the CAATE Policy & Procedure Manual.

Questions about this announcement can be directed to the CAATE Office at or 1-512-733-9700.