What Students Expect From Their Preceptors – Ron Walker to Present at the Accreditation Conference

Dr. Walker is the Associate Dean of the Oxley College of Health Sciences at The University of Tulsa, where he also serves as a Clinical Associate Professor of Athletic Training. Previously he served as the founding director of the Graduate Professional AT Program at Tulsa, as coordinator of clinical education for at Tulsa, and as the founding director of the Undergraduate AT Program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Dr. Walker has served as President and Treasurer of the Oklahoma AT Association; as the Treasurer of the Mid-America AT Association & chair of the finance committee; as a member of the National AT Association District Secretary & Treasurer Committee; as an accreditation site visitor and chair for the Commission on Accreditation of AT Education; and on the Board of Certification Regulatory Conference advisory panel. Dr. Walker was the recipient of the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award at Tulsa and the 2015 Oxley College of Health Sciences Outstanding Teaching award. He is also a recipient of the NATA’s Most Distinguished AT Award & the AT Service Award.

What Students Expect From Their Preceptors:

Preparing healthcare providers for the realities of entry-level professional practice is critical. To this end, the traditional medical education model for a variety of disciplines mandates a period of supervised student clinical experience with a practitioner, or preceptor. Often graduates are not fully prepared to begin independent professional practice and there are indications that insufficient clinical education is partially to blame. The interpersonal dynamics of a clinical dyad are a critical component of clinical experience and can be influenced by, among other things, dyad sex composition. The purpose of this presentation is to present original research findings which examined the effect of biological sex, and dyad sex congruence, on athletic training students’ actual experience with effective clinical educator behaviors, expectations of ideal preceptors, as well as differences between the two. Additional findings, including potential research and policy implications will be presented.

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