Program Data and Outcomes Information

The CAATE is implementing reporting changes that will impact how student achievement and performance data (programmatic outcomes) must be shared with the public. The reporting changes will allow the public to compare performance and student achievement between programs in an identical format, enhancing transparency and public understanding of achievements.

Reference the below video and FAQ to better understand these changes and access CAATE resources.

Programs Data and Outcomes Video

Todd Neuharth, Director of Accreditation, shares how to access your program’s unique Programs Data and Outcomes page.

Programs Data and Outcomes FAQ

Why is CAATE making changes to program information and outcomes reporting?

As part of our normal 10-year recognition cycle, the Commission submitted an Interim Report in July 2020 to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the CAATE’s non-governmental accreditor. Subsequently, the CHEA responded in December 2020 requiring the Commission to provide additional details about our public reporting of accreditation actions, and performance and student achievement.

The CHEA is seeking greater transparency in our oversight of programs in their public reporting of student achievement and performance data (programmatic outcomes). The Commission supports these efforts to promote public transparency. You can read more about CHEA’s December 2020 response to our Interim Report.

When do programs need to demonstrate the reporting changes?

We are requiring all programs to update their program website with the CAATE provided data by July 31, 2022. Additionally, all programs must provide the updated reporting of programmatic outcomes within the 2022 Annual Report. Programs must submit their Annual Report by October 1.

How do I obtain the data for my program?

CAATE created a Program Data and Outcomes page that includes a comprehensive, uniform data set for each program that will be auto-populated via our accreditation software, eAccreditation. The data set will include performance and student achievement data as well as a program’s accreditation history. The consistent presentation of data will allow the public to compare performance and student achievement between programs in an identical format.

How do I add the data from the Program Data and Outcomes page to our program website?

Each program will be provided a unique link to a landing page, which shares the program’s performance and student achievement data. The link can be found on the program’s ‘profile’ tab within eAccreditation. Scroll down to the ‘URL of page listing your student outcomes’ to access the unique link displaying the data. This link needs to be accessible via the athletic training program’s website, either on the home page or “one-click” from the program’s home page.  Ideally the link will be entitled “Program Accreditation Information and Outcomes

How is the data provided by CAATE calculated?

Please refer to the student achievement measures definitions as defined by the CAATE Standards.

Who can I contact if I run into issues accessing my program’s data?

Please reach out the CAATE if you have any questions or issues accessing your program’s data.

Student Retention Rate

What does the retention rate measure?

Retention rate (modified from United States Department of Education): Measures the percentage of students who have been admitted to the professional program who return to the institution to continue their studies the following academic year.

How is the retention rate calculated?

Retention rate is calculated as: the sum of students with an “In Progress” and “Graduated” status divided by the total number of students in the cohort (excludes students with a deceased or Leave of Absence (medical) status).

Please note: Starting with 2020-21 the system will now automatically calculate the retention rate for programs. All information prior to 2020-21 will display as n/a. In order for the eAccreditation system to calculate retention rate, a time-specific data capture of the program’s student will be taken at two time points, June and October. It is vital that student cohort information is updated each year to ensure accurate information is reflected in the outcomes tables.