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The CAATE accredits three different types of educational programs in athletic training.

Professional Programs lead to eligibility to sit for the Board of Certification examination and to enter the profession of athletic training. Professional Programs are available at both the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degree levels.

Post-Professional Degree Programs lead to a degree (masters or doctorate) for learners that are already credentialed as athletic trainers and expand the depth and breadth of the applied, experiential, and propositional knowledge and skills of athletic trainers through didactic, clinical, and research experiences.  These programs DO NOT qualify the learner to sit for the BOC exam.

Post-Professional Residency Programs are formal educational programs that offer structured curricula, including didactic and clinical components, to educate Athletic Trainers. They are designed to build upon and expand the Athletic Trainer’s knowledge and experience acquired during professional (entry-level) education.

The database may be searched by program type (professional, post professional degree, post professional residency), degree level, or state.

Program Status:  

Active- In good standing– the program is not currently required to submit a progress report and is in compliance with all Standards.

Active-Progress report dueit is very common for programs to have progress reports due at any given time.  A progress report is requested when a  non-compliance with a standard(s) is/are discovered.  The progress report is a way for the program to address that standard.  It DOES NOT mean that the program is in danger of being placed on probation.  To see which standard(s) is/are non-compliant, please see the accreditation actions page of this website.

Degree change pending – A Professional Program is in the process of transitioning from a baccalaureate to a post-baccalaureate degree OR Post-Professional Programs from a post-baccalaureate to a doctoral degree.  More information on becoming an athletic trainer can be found in the Student section of our website.

Probation- Academic- Probation is levied on currently accredited programs that fail to maintain compliance with the Standards.  A program may remain on probation until such a time that they become compliant with the Standards, or until the Commission moves to withdraw accreditation due to continued non-compliance with the Standards.  A list of the non-compliant Standards for which the program was placed on probation may be found on the accreditation actions page of this website.

Accreditation History:

When a program is selected, the user can click on the “more” link to get more information about the program.  Included in the pop-up table is Accreditation History.  The most recent Accreditation Action items are listed first and subsequent actions are in reverse chronological order.

Continuing Accreditation Granted– If a program is compliant with all CAATE Standards following a self-study and site visit, the program may be awarded up to 10 years of continuing accreditation.

Continuing Accreditation Granted- Progress Report Due– The program is substantially compliant with the CAATE Standards, but is non-compliant with at least one Standard.  The reason for non-compliance will be stated with a date for the progress report indicated.  Depending on which Standards are non-compliant and the successful submission of the Progress Report, the program may be granted additional years of accreditation.

Defer action– is used when there is insufficient information on which to judge compliance and an action is deferred until a time specified by the Commission. A program’s accreditation status remains unchanged during the period of defer action.

Initial Accreditation Granted– refers to the first time a program receives accreditation. The maximum length of initial accreditation is 5 years.

Probation- the program is currently on probation.  The reason for the probation and subsequent progress report dates are listed in the Accreditation History.

Show Cause– is a notice of impending Withdrawal of Accreditation.  A Show Cause action requires that a program provide evidence as to why the CAATE should not Withdraw Accreditation.

Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation-the program has submitted their intent to voluntarily withdraw the accreditation of their AT program and are in the process of teaching out current students.  Programs going through voluntary withdrawal are not allowed to accept new programs.  The effective date of withdrawal is when the last students have graduated from the program. Students graduating from the program prior to the withdrawal date will be eligible to sit for the Board of Certification Examination.

Instructions to search programs: You can use any of the individual search criteria below to filter your search. To further narrow down results be sure to search by BOTH program and degree type.